We summarized common inquiries

Q. It is the first time use, is it difficult to use?

A. How is the first person used? It seems like there's something special, but from the second time it's easy to make it easy, and there are a lot of people saying "Are you there!" If you read here before use, you 're welcome !

Q. I want to bake it at once, ...

A. There is a time limit for continuous use of the machine at the first use. Since the tanning interval is just the average time, please use while checking the condition of your skin (whether it is red, itchy, there is no pain, etc.). In addition, after the first tanning, please wait at least 48 hours (24 hours or more after the second time) until the next use.

Q. There is cleaning of the machine after use, is it mandatory?

A. As our shop is a self-style shop, we ask you to clean the machine after use. With the help of our customers, you can enjoy the low price Nikkei 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Q. Are there any special offers?

A. Yes! One coin is available for 500 yen or more, but 7 pieces of 3,000 yen (500 yen discount) are sold by the in-store vending machine. Also, if you register on LINE or facebook, we will deliver a small amount of valuable information (irregular), so please use it.

Q. Every store is a few minutes from the station, can you go without hesitation?

A. The yellow sign, which is also used for the coin sung 24 logo, is the mark. We look forward to your visit.

Q. Is there a ban on bringing in sun oil?

A. Since the sun oil on the market is "oil-based", the machine and floor of our shop become null and can not be wiped with a special cleaner. In our shop, we use exclusive sun oil sold in the shop. Please understand our system and stop using it.