Please check before use

This store cannot accept large denomination notes (5,000 yen notes and 10,000 yen notes). Please prepare 1,000 yen notes and coins, and please be aware that we cannot do any exchanges.

Please read “TERMS OF SERVICE”, “PROHIBITED MATTERS”, and “PRECAUTION”. Then sign the agreement and place it into the post. ※Only at first use


Please make sure to check whether the tanning room isvacant or not by opening the door. Also, check whether it is cleaned, and the lock is has noproblem.


Please purchase coins and gels, the equipments you need from the vending machine. You cannot return and/or change once you buy, so please make sure you do not make a mistake. Receipt cannot beissued.


Please insert the timer-coins, which is same number printed as the tanning room, 1 coin each within 20 seconds. After inserting the first coin, when there is no additional coins within 20 seconds, it gets locked automatically. Please double check that the time length appears once you enter the coin. The tanning machine will be in process automatically after 5 min. inserting the coin. While the tanning machine is cooling down process, it cannot accept coins, so please wait for 5 min.


Please lock the room once you enter the machine room. Please put on the gel and get prepared to get tanned. Once you get prepared, and if you press the “start”button, the tanning machine will be on operation straight away.


When the light is on, please make sure to place your head to the side of where the speaker is. Hold onto the “roof (the cover of the machine), and pull it down slowly to close the tanning machine.


Please keep turning around constantly to avoid having a shade while tanning until your skin gets tanned a bit. Taking turns to face the ceiling the bed is recommended to get a nice tan, and putting up your arms up is recommended to tan your armpits.


When the light turns off, it is a signal that the tanning time is over. Please to clean the machine and prepare to leave the facility. In order to cool down, the fan will be operating for about 5 min. but it is nothing to do with tanning. Cleaning is mandatory, please spray the alcohol spray and wipe off with the paper towels. Once you are done with cleaning, please make sure that you have all your belongings with you and leave the machineroom.


If you are taking a shower please make sure that you do not leave any belongings in the machine room. Please make sure you wear clothes in the corridor, walking in naked is not allowed.


Have you got all your belongings? Thank you so much for using our facility.