How is it used for the first time? It seems like there's something special, but from the second time it's easy to make it easy, and there are a lot of people saying "Are you there!"

If you ask us why you chose our shop, "It's easy, I'm comfortable" and "Cheap" is overwhelming! ! If you like sunburn, you will surely be satisfied.

Please feel free to come!

I did not care about the eyes, I liked the part that can be sunburned easily!
Customer A

Today's weather is nice, and I feel like it's a little feeling, so I'm going to tan for a fashionable day! I was embarrassed to go to a batch remake if I'm in the store until now, but if I found a new coin, "Nippon Nin 24", I could make a makeup sabot. It's hard to have to go fashionable to go out for it. But I don't see anyone here, so it's easy!

It is okay if the end of work is late! open 24 hours!
Customer K

I worked a whole day today too ... the date has changed, and after that I just take a bath and go to bed. I have not done my favorite tanning recently. It is "coin sung 24" that has been perfect for such busy me!

It's open 24 hours here, and I liked it because I can always burn the sun whenever I like it before or after taking a bath! Recently I rolled a towel around my neck and went through it with a battered sweatshirt. I don't want to show such a form to others like this ....

Initially? ? ? was! But now I like it first and I love it!
Customer B

When I first saw it and used it on the internet, I thought it was difficult to be honest, I was slowly reading "How to use", but I was able to burn it home. But from the second time, I was able to be puffy and noticed the ease here. The self-styled “Coin Ninyaki 24” that you don't have to look for a motivated clerk is now my favorite, easy and convenient.

I was surprised that the shop was beautiful!
Customer H

Since I live along the Odakyu Line, I used the "NOBORITO Store" and the "MINAMIRINKAN Store". Despite being open 24 hours a day, both shops and machines were so beautiful and amazing! The manners of other customers are good! I always use it comfortably.