Please read the following “RESTRICTION ON USE” and “PROHIBITED MATTERS” before entering the store. For our customers’ safety, we have policy on “RESTRICTIONON USE”. Please read through all the bullet points and make sure you are not applicable to any of the matters listed. Please be aware that the store will not be responsible for any troubles and matters that occurs. If you…

Usage restriction

1 are allergic to ultraviolet light
2 are not feeling well and/or haven’t had enough sleep
3 have a disease for eyes and/or skin
4 are undergoing a medical treatment and/or having aninjury
5 are pregnant or taking pills
6 are under the influence of drink (alcohol)
7 have taken medicine that accelerates the sensitivity ofultraviolet. e.g. antibiotics, sleeping pills, antidepressant drugs, medicine for athlete’s foot
8 have taken an x-ray within a month
9 are claustrophobic, spasmodic, and/or epileptic
10 weigh more then 110kg (142lbs)
11 are a member or related to an organized gang group
12 have a tattoo in your body
13 take an action that is considered as an obstruction onbusiness and/or disturbs other clients
14 use the facility for a different purpose
15 are under age 18 years old (entering is banned even with aguardian)
16 expect to have a speedy performance since the store cannot perform very speedily due to the system
17 Ultraviolet light can harm to your eyes and/or skin, however, we will not take any responsibility for any cases. The same for any troubles and matters occur

Prohibited matter

We place our own “PROHIBITED MATTERS”. Those who cannot follow the rules, may not be approved to use the facility. Please do NOT…

1 smoke in the facility
2 eat in the facility
3 bring in dangerous items
4 bring in valuable items
5 bring in pets
6 bring in garbage and/or rubbish
7 accompany babies and/or infants
8 take photos and/or videos
9 make your attendant/s wait in the facility
10 enter if you are not using the facility
11 enter the tanning room with multiple people
12 take out and/or remove amenities
13 bring in tanning oil (the tanning oils on sale are oil-based, therefore, it is not suitable for our facility since it causes trouble when cleaning. 
14 stay over more 5 min. than your booking time length in each cubical


1 Wear goggles for tanning.
2 Do not look directly into the machine's lamps or rays.
3 Be sure to remove the contact lens.
4 Remove precious metals and accessories.
5 Make sure to wash away any cosmetics, pills and patches before use.
6 Please change your posture from time to time to avoid burning.
7 As you sweat a lot, please rehydrate.
8 Please do not use for a long time at a time. In addition, if you are the first person, if the skin color is white, please use it within 500 yen.
9 If you feel unwell or feel abnormal during tanning, please discontinue use.
10 Please be sure to leave 48 hours until the next use. In addition, please proceed to the next time while making sure that your skin is normal even after 48 hours.
11 Pacemakers and other medical equipment can not be used by people who are attached to the body.
12 Please be careful not to forget anything.